Educational Vision


Big Heart Christian School has sensed a need to cultivate Christian leaders who have a genuine desire for evangelism and who will impact the next generation for Jesus Christ. The goal is to develop an autonomous “American style” school system which will provide an alternative school to the existing Korean school system. Big Heart Christian School will facilitate graduates who pursue entrance into American universities and colleges.

Philosophy of Education

1. God-Oriented Education
An education that recognizes the “knowledge of God” is the basis of all education.

2. Contemporary Education
Emerging world knowledge following God’s revelation.

3. Global Education
An education that stresses an English language that can be facilitated in world utilization.

4. Individual-Adjusted Education
An education that is formulated upon the needs of the student both in character and in abilities.

5. Education through Experiences
Focusing on real experiences.

6. Education through Identification
Education correlated with global educational institutions.

7. Education Through Relationship
An education that focuses on an integrated relationship between God, society, and people.